Disjoint Reference and Wh-Trace 1981

  • Robert Freidin
  • Howard Lasnik
Part of the Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory book series (SNLT, volume 16)


This article explores the ramifications of an analysis of disjoint reference for the theory of core grammar.1 The analysis we will adopt accounts for coreference possibilities between pronouns and Wh-traces and, following May (1981), also provides an explanation for the COMP-to-COMP condition on Wh-Movement of Chomsky (1973). The central assumption of the analysis — that Wh-trace binding is exempt from the Propositional Island Condition (PIC) and the Specified Subject Condition (SSC) — allows for a simplification of the theories of binding and indexing, and also provides an argument that the Subjacency Condition is properly interpreted as a condition on representations rather than a condition on derivations.2


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  • Robert Freidin
  • Howard Lasnik

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