Hydromagnetic Flows from Rapidly Rotating Compact Objects and the Formation of Relativistic Jets

  • M. Camenzind
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 156)


Strong plasma outflows can be driven by plasma injected into the magnetosphere of rapidly rotating compact objects. The rapid rotation also builds up a strong toroidal component of the magnetic field, which efficiently pinches the outflowing plasma leading to the formation of collimated relativistic jets. The appearance of the light cylinder due to this rapid rotation requires a fully relativistic treatment of the entire problem. We present the most general theory of axisymmetric relativistic plasma flows including the effects of the gravitational background, the structure of the magnetic flux tube and the finite pressure of the plasma. With this reduction of the relativistic MHD we end up with a nonlinearly coupled system consisting of the hot wind equation and the relativistic Grad-Schlüter-Shafranov equation for the poloidal magnetic flux. We show self-consistent computer solutions of this system resulting in the formation of supermagnetosonic jets flowing along the rotational axis of the central object.


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  • M. Camenzind
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  1. 1.Landessternwarte KönigstuhlHeidelberg 1Federal Republic of Germany

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