Animal Experiments

  • Marc De Schrijver
Part of the Developments in Nuclear Medicine book series (DNUM, volume 16)


The study of radiopharmaceuticals in animal models is often subject to a certain degree of criticism as the findings cannot always be transposed to the human being. In the case of inflammatory lesions however, accurately described models exist, which have played an important role in the study of their histological effects [26,33], hence several experiments were designed, the purpose of which was to explore:
  • the validity of the concept of a colloidal radiopharmaceutical for detecting sites of inflammation

  • the influence of colloid properties on lesion visualization

  • the influence of histamine-induced tissue edema on tracer accumulation

  • the comparison of aggressive tissue-altering lesions with mild non-inflammatory edematous states


Inflammatory Lesion Evans Blue None None Tracer Administration Generator Eluate 
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