Image Processing Techniques: Filtering, Exogenous Data, Geometrical Processing

  • J. Dejace
Conference paper
Part of the Ispra Courses book series (ISPA)


These three lectures cover rather independent subjects. Elementary methods of filtering of digital images are described in a simple way with particular reference to smoothing and sharpening of images. Some simple geometric transformations are described. The use of control points for actual calculation of the transformation functions is explained. Some methods of resampling digital images are described and discussed. The importance of exogenous (i.e. not remotely sensed data) is inhanced. It is also discussed how to store and process these data in a remote sensing environment, to make them compatible with digital images.


Geographical Information System Grey Level Input Image Affine Transformation Output Image 
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  • J. Dejace
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  1. 1.Former Scientist of the Joint Research Centre of the European CommunitiesIspra (Va)Italy

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