Exploration for Platinum-Group Elements in the Labrador Trough, Canada

  • Fenton Scott


A reconnaissance survey of known regions of sulphide mineralisation in the Labrador Trough, Canada has revealed nine potentially economic platinum and palladium deposits. Five occur in ultramafic rocks whilst the other four are associated with mafic intrusions. Assay results as high as 68.5 g/t were discovered in association with chalcopyrite, pentlandite, pyrrhotite and pyrite in both mafic and ultramafic bodies. Ninety percent of the intrusives sampled did not contain detectable platinum values although copper- and nickel-bearing sulphides are common in all the areas examined.

It is noted that:
  1. (1)

    The platinum/palladium ratio is usually higher in the deposits associated with ultramafic rocks compared with those in mafic rock units.

  2. (2)

    The highest platinum values accompany rich chalcopyrite mineralisation.



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