Application of High-Resolution 13C NMR To Crystalline Polymers

  • Ryozo Kitamaru


The basic principles of high resolution 13C NMR for solids, and some applications for studying the semicrystalline structures of polyethylene and celluloses are reviewed. Characteristic 13C spectra, determined by three principal values of the chemical shift tensor, are obtainable by applying a sufficiently large resonant oscillating magnetic field to 1H nuclei (DD). The determination of the principal axes of the chemical shift tensor of orthorhombic polyethylene is reviewed. The DD technique can be applied to oriented samples because the molecular chain axis is parallel to the tensor’s principal axis having the largest principal value. Thus 13C NMR with DD for uniaxial samples parallel to the static magnetic field shows a sharp crystalline line corresponding to the largest principal value and a non-crystalline line having the same chemical shift as observed in solution. The detailed study of the phase structure of a highly oriented sample is discussed.


Crystalline Polymer Chain Conformation Native Cellulose Equilibrium Magnetization Regenerate Cellulose Fibre 
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