Digital Subtraction Angiography, the New Standard in Pediatric Cardiology?

  • Harvey L. Chernoff
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 77)


Radiographic cardiac imaging with contrast medium is one of the oldest and most accurate methods for diagnosing cardiac anatomic malformations. The techniques used have been governed by the level of X-ray exposure and the dose of contrast medium required. This for many years limited the use of this modality in infants and small children. As surgeons became more expert in correcting defects the requirement for accurate preoperative diagnosis became increasingly important. For this reason imaging has been a modality that is directed primarily to surgical intervention. This is understandable since the detailed delineation of anatomy is essential to the surgery.


Contrast Medium Congenital Heart Defect Pulmonary Sequestration Accurate Preoperative Diagnosis Digital Subtraction Angiogram 
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