Coronary Blood Flow and Myocardial Perfusion Studied by Digitized Coronary Angiograms

  • W. Rutishauser
  • O. Ratib
  • F. Chappuis
  • P.-A. Doriot
  • B. Meier
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 77)


Coronary angiography is since many years the key examination for the evaluation of coronary artery disease in man. While it is widely used to visualize coronary anatomy, it has until recently only sporadically been used to measure coronary blood flow. Early attempts for assessment of blood flow through single coronary arteries applied roentgendensitometric techniques [1, 2]. The principle is based on measurement of a vascular volume between two branching points and the mean transit time in order to get absolute coronary flow. It is obviously limited to major coronary vessel segments, which must be more or less perpendicular to the X-ray beam, if single plane angiograms are used.


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  • W. Rutishauser
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  • O. Ratib
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  • F. Chappuis
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  • P.-A. Doriot
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  • B. Meier
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