Studying Husbandry and Health of Awassi Sheep in Bedouin Flocks: Evaluation of Methodology Using Initial Results

  • J. M. King
  • S. R. McArthur
  • D. J. Pike
  • A. J. Woods
Part of the Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science book series (CTVM, volume 47)


In 1985 the United Kingdom Overseas Development Administration, the Jordan/Australia Dry Land Farming Project, and the Amman District Sheep Co-operative set up a Sheep Husbandry and Health Programme with the Jordan Co-operative Organization. Although conceived as an advisory and extension project, none of the expatriate advisers had previous experience of Awassi sheep production. Review papers (Epstein 1982; Thomson and Bah-hady 1983; Goddard 1984) provided useful information but were no substitute for first hand experience. Therefore, 1 year was spent studying the performance and management of the sheep by the local Bedouin farmers, and 2 years collecting data on lambing intervals.


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  • J. M. King
  • S. R. McArthur
  • D. J. Pike
  • A. J. Woods

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