Analysis of a recent series (254 cases) of choroidal tumours

  • J. Poujol
  • M.-C. Chaintron
Part of the Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series book series (DOPS, volume 51)


We thought it could be useful to bring up to date the present-day possibilities and reliability of modern echography in the field of choroidal tumours with specially designed equipment for this purpose. Our aim was to study a homogeneous sample. With this object, though we use ultrasound since 1964, we only reviewed our echographic examinations performed from September 1980 to December 1985. Both equipment and the operators were the same, so as to enable comparisons and conclusions to be drawn. On the whole 527 patients suspected to present a choroidal tumour were examined during this period, of which 254 actually had a tumour. The B-mode data of these tumours are analysed and discussed as well as the diagnostic accuracy and the causes of error.


Ciliary Body Diagnostic Error Choroidal Melanoma Echographic Diagnosis Choroidal Metastasis 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • J. Poujol
    • 1
  • M.-C. Chaintron
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoire d’Echographie du Centre National d’Ophtalmologie des Quinze-VingtsParisFrance

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