Direct and Recoil Implantation, and Collisional Ion-Beam Mixing: Recent Low-Temperature Experiments

  • Alberto Gras-Marti
  • Uffe Littmark
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSE, volume 155)


This contribution serves as a bridge between the section, in this NATO Advanced Study Institute, devoted to fundamentals of ion-solid interactions, and that of the applications to materials modification. Theoretical concepts directly relevant to the topics covered in this paper have been discussed in the preceding lecture. Here we collect and discuss recent low-temperature (T < 300 K) experimental work on ion and recoil implantation, and ion-beam mixing, and their relation with collisional theory. We shall not include those experiments the interpretation of which hinges on thermal or temperature-activated processes, like radiation enhanced diffusion, segregation, etc. These topics are covered in the following contributions. Computer simulation experiments are discussed in previous chapters. In a recent extensive report, Hubler [HU 87] describes all aspects of ion-beam implantation processing, from the calculation of range profiles to the discussion of time and costs for practical applications of ion implantation. This reference provides a brief introduction to many of the topics discussed in this NATO—ASI. Another general introduction is offered in [TO 86].


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