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Research on sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is not a separate entity from the mainstream of medical inquiry but borrows and contributes to it, as does immunology. The great number and variety of STD has proved a powerful stimulus to immunological research and progress. Recent advances such as protective vaccination against hepatitis B is an example of the application of immunology which together with virology, has helped unravel the mechanism of AIDS, probably the most devastating infectious disease of the closing years of this century. Furthermore, immunology is perceived to be integral to the understanding and management of many STD. So far the main impact of immunology in STD has been in its diagnosis, but the prospect of vaccines becoming available in the foreseeable future for genital warts and herpes opens new ways in the prevention of other STD which pose, at present, considerable problems in this field.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Genital Wart Genital Herpes Sexually Transmitted Disease Recurrent Genital Herpes 
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