Evaluation and Future Needs

  • P. F. Selman
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In attempting an evaluation of the statistics on fertility regulation, we must start by asking why administrators (as well as academics) need such statistics. One reason has already been stressed in the review above (4.7):- only with adequate data are we able to attempt an assessment of the impact of extended NHS provision of contraception in recent years. One problem here is uncertainty about the objectives of such provision. As the Korner report notes; “While health service objectives argue for provision of contraceptive services, the scale and nature of provision may not be explicable in health service terms alone” [B.61]. Nevertheless, whatever the balance of “health” and “social” interests, if we are to evaluate services, we need to be able to demonstrate the need for services, to describe their growth and the cost of provision, and to identify the population served and the impact of services on methods used and the effectiveness of such use. At present, it is difficult to do any of these things with the accuracy we would wish.


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