Projections of the OECD economies in the global perspective, 1986-2000: policy simulations by the FUGI global macroeconomic model

  • Akira Onishi
Part of the International Studies In Economic Modelling book series (ISIM)


This chapter makes projections of the OECD economies for the period 1986–2000, using the latest version of the FUGI global macroeconomic model, i.e. type IV 011–62, and giving due consideration to the complex international linkages which make for global interdependence. Directing attention to both (1) a baseline future scenario and (2) alternative policy mixes, the model forecasts that the real average economic growth rate of the OECD countries as a whole during 1986–2000 will likely be from around 2.8% (in the baseline projection) to 3.5% (with alternative policies), while the world economy will likely sustain annual growth rates of between 3.3% and 3.8% for the period.


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