Alkylation Processes

  • Sami Matar
  • Manfred J. Mirbach
  • Hassan A. Tayim


The term alkylation has generally been used to describe the catalyzed reaction between isobutane and various light olefins. The product is a highly branched paraffinic hydrocarbon used as a blend to improve the octane number of gasoline. A more specific explanation of the term alkylation is the attachment of one or more alkyl groups to a hydrocarbon compound or to a hydrocarbon derivative. This may take place by an electrophilic attack of a carbonium ion species (whether formal or ion-pair) or by a micleophlic attack of a carbanion or carbanion-like species.


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  • Sami Matar
  • Manfred J. Mirbach
  • Hassan A. Tayim

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