A Short History of Optimality Criteria Methods

  • George I. N. Rozvany
Part of the Mechanics of Elastic and Inelastic Solids book series (MEIS, volume 8)


As already mentioned in the last chapter, the fundamental ideas behind static-kinematic optimality criteria, duality principles and optimal layout theory were introduced around the turn of the century by an Australian scientist, A.G.M. Michell (1904). This pioneering effort appears all the more remarkable if we consider the fact that Michell was a versatile inventor (crankless engine, thrust bearing) with major interests (hydraulics, lubrication) far removed from structural mechanics. Moreover, as Michell lived in Melbourne where the author’s first research team also worked some seventy years later, the theory and applications of optimal structural layouts and its various applications are closely linked with this remote Australian city.


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