Lithostratigraphic correlation of Upper Jurassic sandstones within the Norwegian Central Graben: sedimentological and tectonic implications

  • Morten Bergan
  • Bjørn Tørudbakken
  • Bjørn Wandås


Log correlations combined with sedimentological, chronostratigraphic and seismic data of more than 60 exploration wells suggest that at least five different sequences of marine sandstones exist in the Upper Jurassic strata of the Norwegian sector of the Central Graben. The sequences are distinguished by their regional and stratigraphic distributions and by their depositional environment.


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© Norwegian Petroleum Society 1989

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  • Morten Bergan
    • 1
  • Bjørn Tørudbakken
    • 1
  • Bjørn Wandås
    • 1
  1. 1.Saga Petroleum a.s.HøvikNorway

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