Outline of Triassic stratigraphy and structure in the central and northern North Sea

  • K. S. Lervik
  • A. M. Spencer
  • G. Warrington


The Triassic extends over 300 000 km2 in the central and northern North Sea, and reaches thicknesses of 4–6 km, but entire sequences, from Lower Jurassic through Triassic to sub-Triassic rocks, are proved in fewer than 15 wells. The Triassic normally rests conformably on Upper Permian strata, except in the north where it overlies crystalline basement. It is overlain conformably by Jurassic rocks in the north, west and south-east, but throughout most of the central region erosion during Middle Jurassic doming and late Jurassic rifting episodes produced a major unconformity.


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