Correlation in Hydrocarbon Exploration

pp 3-11

Tectonic subsidence and sea-level changes: a reappraisal

  • S. CloetinghAffiliated withInstitute of Earth Sciences, Vrije Universiteit
  • , H. KooiAffiliated withInstitute of Earth Sciences, Vrije Universiteit

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Major advances in quantitative basin analysis have been made during the past decade. Lithospheric processes are not only crucial as a cause of long-term subsidence but are also of fundamental importance as a cause for short-term deviations from long-term patterns of thermal subsidence. Regional and global tectonics contribute signficantly to the record of sea-level changes. Both rifting and compression can give rise to phases of rapid subsidence that were hitherto commonly attributed to renewed phases of crustal stretching. These findings allow a critical appraisal of some concepts in basin formation and basin evolution that are vital in modern analysis of tectonic subsidence and basin correlation.