Protection Materials: Coatings for Thermal Barrier and Wear Resistance



Within coating technology thermal spray techniques are among the most innovative. This paper will discuss the importance of the use of these powder coating techniques, especially in thermal barrier and wear protection, often in combination with corrosion resistance.

The most important progress is made in the field of high energetic procedures, e.g. hypersonic spraying and plasma spray equipment in atmosphere (air plasma spraying — APS), in low pressure (low pressure plasma spraying — LPPS) and under-water plasma spraying (UPS). Robotic control of the plasma spray equipment with up to four simultaneously working powder feeders for the most advanced industrial uses has been applied. The coating materials, e.g. nickel and cobalt base hard alloys, and corrosion resistant alloys, thermal barrier coatings (TBC) and refractory metals, Ta and Mo, are further developed to end qualities, particularly to very fine and pure powders. The microstructure of thermal barrier coatings has been studied and certain requirements are tested. The use and the advantages of TBC in diesel and gas turbine engines are discussed in detail

Thermal spraying, even for wear protection, covers a wide field of different processes.

Analysis of the complex conditions, such as the characterization of spray materials, mostly powders, powder quality control, process optimization and characterization of the sprayed coatings are gaining more and more importance, especially in high technology applications.

An assessment of the current state-of-the-art and future trends is given.


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  2. 2.Institute of Material Science, Technische HochschuleAachenGermany

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