Comparative Aspects of Mammary Cancer

  • H. E. Kaiser
Part of the Cancer Growth and Progression book series (CAGP, volume 5)


Mammary cancer is one group of neoplasms which exhibits striking human and species differences. Mammary glands characterize the class of mammals named after them. In the industrialized world of the United States and Western Europe cancers of the breast are very frequent in women and occur also in the male. Little is known about the mammary cancers which appear in wild, zoo and the majority of domestic animals. Cancers of the mammary glands are common in some species of domesticated animals such as the bitch and laboratory animals such as certain strains of mice (CH3), as well as in the human population of particular nations, such as the USA. In the population of other nations as in Singapore and in certain domestic animals, such as horse and cow and laboratory animals, such as guinea pig and rabbit mammary cancers are rare. This aspect suggests that a comparison of mammary cancers between different species and human population groups may result in new understanding useful for future therapy.


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