Intraspecies and Interspecies Comparison

  • H. E. Kaiser
Part of the Cancer Growth and Progression book series (CAGP, volume 1)


Knowledge can be enhanced by comparisons. This holds especially true in such a basic problem as that of growth and its most important abnormal variation: neoplastic growth. As one of the characteristics of life, growth is a very complex phenomenon, with its variations in many species, including 1,250,000 species of animals, to which the number of 5 to 7 million of undetected species, especially of insects, may be added. Some 300,000 vascular plants must also be included. But growth varies not only in the species as such, it varies also in different developmental phases of the individual of a particular species; it varies sexually, under the influence of nutrition, or, very importantly, as regards the different tissues in various species and in the same species. The different growth processes cannot be adequately examined here. Abnormal growth processes can be divided according to (1) into non-neoplastic and neoplastic ones.


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