Short Treatment

  • James H. Shinaberger
  • Joseph H. Miller
  • Peter W. Gardner


An examination of the possibility of shortening the time required for dialytic treatment is justified on the basis that patients desire it, and always have. If a time consuming, absolutely necessary treatment can be safely and comfortably applied to meet all currently understood requirements for adequacy in a substantially shorter time than the standard treatment, the potential beneficial effect on the patients’ quality of life is beyond debate. As discussed herein, standard therapy is of 4 to 6 h duration. Short treatment strategies should provide equivalent net volume and solute removal in 3 h or less. The intent of this chapter is to create a durable summation of those principles, limitations and constraints which must be understood to create adequate, safe and tolerable shortened treatment strategies. Current strategies and technologies are evolving rapidly and will be presented relatively briefly. Only references to material of basic importance are cited, rather than an encyclopedic review.


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