Experience of the University of Genoa, Transplant Unit, Genoa, Italy

  • U. Valente
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Our experience with pancreas transplantation in man from 1978 to 1986 is represented by 3 segmental autotransplantations and 14 segmental and whole pancreas transplantations. In the same time we have developed the islet isolation technique carrying out 24 autotransplantations, 16 adult islet transplantations in diffusion chambers, 13 fetal pancreas transplantations and 5 adult islet transplantations after treatment with monoclonal antibodies. The 3 segmental autotransplantations were performed between 1978 and 1979 after 95% pancreatectomy for chronic pancreatitis using the injected duct technique by Neoprene sec. Dubernard. In all cases the graft was anatomozed to femoral vessels in the inguinal region. In all cases we observed a pancreatic fistula alsting respectively 60–14–10 days and in 1 case there was a hemorrage on the 5th day. The endocrine function of the graft was assessed with O.G.T.T, I.V.G.T.T., Arginine test, Glucagon test, with simultaneous sampling for glycemia, insulinemia and C-peptide. After a follow-up of 8 years, 2 of the 3 patients are still functioning with a satisfactory response as above. The third patient began the insulin therapy after 2 years of normal function.


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