Experience of the Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • L. H. Toledo-Pereyra
  • V. K. Mittal
  • D. A. Gordon
Part of the Developments in Surgery book series (DISU, volume 10)


Through January, 1988, 41 diabetic patients have received pancreas transplants at our center. Seventeen patients received segmental pancreas allografts (eight with simultaneous kidney grafts), and 24 patients received combined kidney and whole pancreas grafts. This manuscript will briefly review our techniques for procurement and preservation, surgery, postoperative management, immunosuppression, and diagnosis and management of rejection. The results of pancreas transplantation at our center will also be presented.


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  • L. H. Toledo-Pereyra
  • V. K. Mittal
  • D. A. Gordon

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