Pancreas transplant experience of individual institutions Experience of the University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  • D. C. Dafoe
  • D. A. CampbellJr
  • R. M. Merion
  • L. Rosenberg
  • L. L. Rocher
  • A. I. Vinik
  • J. G. Turcotte
Part of the Developments in Surgery book series (DISU, volume 10)


At the University of Michigan, 18 pancreas transplants have been carried out between March 1984 and October 1986. At our Center and other centers, the surgical technique, immunosuppressive regimen and candidate criteria have continued to evolve during this period. The impetus for constant re-evaluation and change has been dissatisfaction with historically low graft survival rates and the significant morbidity and mortality associated with pancreatic transplantation [1]. However, this process has produced several incremental advances which have resulted in improved success rates.


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  • D. C. Dafoe
  • D. A. CampbellJr
  • R. M. Merion
  • L. Rosenberg
  • L. L. Rocher
  • A. I. Vinik
  • J. G. Turcotte

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