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The Eureka Cosine Project - Status Report

Conference paper


The aims, progress and current status of the EUREKA COSINE project are described. COSINE means “Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe” and is a “EUREKA project to provide a computer communications infrastructure for European researchers, and thereby also for EUREKA and other programmes”.

Following a Specification Phase carried out by the RARE (Réseaux associés pour la recherche européenne) association of users and providers of computer networks for researchers, the project is now entering its Implementation Phase. A COSINE Project Management Unit (CPMU) is being established for the Implementation Phase and the first implementation activities have started.

The paper describes the technical areas addressed by COSINE, the services which it will provide, and the progress so far. It gives an overview of the principles by which the project will operate during the Implementation Phase, with particular reference to the project’s federative approach.


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  1. 1.Commission of the European Communities, Directorate General Telecommunications, Information Industries and Innovation Project Officer and SecretaryCosine Policy Group 200BrusselsUK

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