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The KADS Knowledge Based System Methodology

  • Marco de Alberdi
  • John Cheesman


The Knowledge Analysis and Design Structured (KADS) methodology produced by P1098 is a comprehensive, sound methodology for the commercial development of Knowledge Based Systems. This paper provides an overview of the project structure showing the objectives and interworking of the theoretical, consolidation and experimental streams of work, and focuses on some key results of the KADS process. Some of the development and user benefits of this rigorous modelling approach are highlighted, together with their effects on company strategies. Some early exploitations of the methodology are presented. We conclude that KADS provides a basis for developing complex knowledge based system applications enabling European industry to obtain competitive advantage from new information technology.


Inference Structure Strategic Marketing Experimental Stream Sound Methodology Human Computer Interface 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Marco de Alberdi
    • 1
  • John Cheesman
  1. 1.STC Technology LtdHarlowsUK

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