An Anonymous Treatise on the Truths of Future Contingents Against Peter de Rivo

  • N. Kretzmann
  • G. Nuchelmans
Part of the Synthese Historical Library book series (SYHL, volume 36)


The present treatise, written for the defense of the truths of the catholic faith against the errors of one Peter de Rivo of Louvain, a follower of the philosopher Epicurus, about the truths of future contingents, is divided into six chapters. The first shows that his propositions, in which he denies that statements about a future contingent found in holy Scripture are true or false, are heretical. The second, that his evasions with respect to the authorities of the holy canon drawn up against him are useless. Third, that the basis on which this position rests is heretical. Fourth, in which his fundamental argument is refuted. Fifth, that this Epicurean openly denies Aristotle and his general principles. Sixth and last, that Aristotle’s opinion can be upheld by no catholic if the faith is to be preserved.


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