“Normal” LBV Eruptions A La S Doradus

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The main characteristics of the LBVs with “normal” S Dor-type outbursts are reviewed. At quiescence they are luminous (M Bol ≈ -9 to -10) OB supergiants (14 000 K ≲ T eff ≲ 30 000 K) occupying an inclined instability strip in the HRD. The most luminous S Dor variables are the hottest ones. During outburst dense envelopes are expelled of equivalent spectral type middle A to early F. S Dor variables occupy at maximum a vertical strip in the HRD at T ≈ 8000 K. The observed amplitudes in the visual range increase from 1 mag (e.g. R71; T eff = 14500 K at quiescence) to 2.5 mag (e.g. R127; T eff = 33000 K at quiescence). The existence of an amplitude-luminosity relation is suggested which can be used to derive extragalactic distances.


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