Long-Duration Solar and Stellar Flares

  • Giannina Poletto
Conference paper


According to one of the most popular classifications, solar flares may be assigned either to the category of small short-lived events, or to the category of large, long-duration two-ribbon (2-R) flares. Even if such a broad division oversimplifies the flare phenomenon, our knowledge of the characteristics of stellar flares is so poor, that it is worthwhile to investigate the possibility of adopting this classification scheme for stellar flares as well. In particular we will analyze Einstein observations of a long duration flare on EQ Peg to establish whether it might be considered as a stellar analogy of 2-R solar events. To this end we apply to EQ Peg data a reconnection model, developed originally for solar 2-R flares, and conclude that stellar observations are consistent with model predictions, although additional information is required to identify uniquely the physical parameters of the flare region. Application of the model to integrated observations of a 2-R solar flare, for which high spatial resolution data are also available, shows, however, that future integrated observations may allow us to solve the ambiguities of the model and use it as a diagnostic tool for a better understanding of stellar flares.


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  • Giannina Poletto
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  1. 1.Osservatorio Astrofisico di ArcetriFirenzeItaly

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