Early and recent intraluminal ultrasound devices

  • N. Bom
  • H. ten Hoff
  • C. T. Lancée
  • W. J. Gussenhoven
  • J. G. Bosch


The history of intraluminal echography dates back to the very beginning of diagnostic ultrasound. Over the years many fascinating ideas and applications of catheter tip or gastroscopic tube tip mounted transducers have been described. This chapter surveys these methods, subdividing them into a) measurements; b) Doppler and c) imaging. The survey ranges from early work of Cieszynski on the feasibility of echocardiography to more recent intra-arterial catheter tip Doppler with guidewire and balloon as described by Serruys.

Examples of ultrasound catheter tip echography in combination with other techniques such as angioscopy, laser ablation and spark erosion are also described. Today practical approaches are limited to imaging only. The three major approaches for catheter tip echo imaging are described and compared. This paper concludes with the results of automatic contour analysis of the inner arterial boundaries.


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  • H. ten Hoff
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  • C. T. Lancée
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  • W. J. Gussenhoven
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  • J. G. Bosch
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  2. 2.Inter university Cardiology Institute of the NetherlandsRotterdamThe Netherlands

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