Conclusion: Further Directions in Relevant Logics

  • Jean Norman
  • Richard Sylvan
Part of the Reason and Argument book series (REAR, volume 1)


There is a great deal to be done, as always. For one thing, research papers commonly open at least as many questions as they resolve. Moreover, as has always been the way with minority research interests, there are few doing the work, especially compared with the numbers defending or propagating dominant “classical” logic and its complex epicycling. Early in its rise to ascendency classical theory encountered a heavy variety of paradoxes and anomalies quite sufficient to have grounded it, had workable alternatives been available. There were none with comparable scope. Alternatives have been slow to emerge, dominant positions blinkering discernment of rivals; these alternatives are still few, and none yet has wide appeal. Meanwhile classical theory has been able to fortify its position, to assemble a ring of defences, to pretend, for example, that the paradoxes and anomalies that come with it are inevitable or facts of life. Now with the advent of the two-valued Boolean computer age, it appears that limited skirmishes have been decisively won for the time being by the classical hordes, with the fair and the true roundly defeated by the tough and the crude. All of which is bad news for all subjects, like philosophy, involving reasoning, where two-valued classical logic has done much more harm than good.1


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