Fallout of Saharan Dust in the Northwestern Mediterranean Region

  • A. Būcher
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 282)


The phenomenon of dust fallout from the Sahara occurs in France several times per year. The air masses that transport the dust are responsible for notable temperature increases. This article is also going to show what directions these air masses take, what the National Meteorology Office says about them, in what way weather reports may help, as well as images taken by satellites. Where dust fallout and mud rain in France are concerned, chemical analyses have been undertaken. The north west Saharan is an important source zone and during the period 1951 – 1960, the annual frequency of occurence of wind sand is shown. After extensive research in literature, 201 cases of Saharan dust fallout have been found and the monthly distribution has been calculated. In addition, 514 other cases are considered, in the appendix, there is a description of the network which is concerned with collecting information of the Saharan dust fallout.


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  • A. Būcher
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  1. 1.Pic Du Midi ObservatoryBagneres De BigorreFrance

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