Huntsman and West Engelland Fields a Case History of Gas Migration

  • M. R. Tek
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSE, volume 171)


During the years 1982–85, a lengthy litigation took place between KN Energy and Marathon Oil Corp. The case involved performance of two fields on structures adjacent to a common saddle and suspected migration of storage gas into the gas cap of a producing oil field. After some 3 years of extensive study, discovery proceedings and preparations, the case came to trial in U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, 8 July 1985. After nearly a month in court, agreement was reached between the parties to settle the case on 6 August 1985. The purpose of this paper is not to redress and reargue the legal controversy. Rather, it is to share in the technical forum of gas technology, the lessons learned from the synergistic study leading to a forensic conclusion.

The case history is unique and significant because it relates to extensive data from 2 fields and provides insight helpful to understanding major geological and operational factors affecting migration, exchange and mixing of mobile fluids underground.

The paper, written from the perspectives of applied reservoir engineering and geology, includes methodologies applicable to other similar situations - often suspected but not sufficiently investigated.

Application and calculations involving inventory verification methods, production-pressure trends, study of well records, gas-water, gas-oil contacts and computer simulation by finite element method.


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