The Mechanical Properties of Ion Implanted Ceramics

  • Carl J. McHargue
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSE, volume 170)


Ceramic materials generally fracture without appreciable plastic deformation under relatively low tensile stresses. Compressive strengths are much higher and brittle materials can be often used in applications where applied stresses are compressive in nature. The low strength in tension is usually caused by the presence of surface flaws that grow into brittle fracture by the Griffith mechanism. The useful strength of these materials may be raised by surface treatments which remove the flaws, reduce their severity, increase the energy to propagate a crack, or generate a residual compressive stress in the near-surface region.


Fracture Toughness Residual Compressive Stress Flexure Strength Amorphous Surface Apparent Fracture Toughness 
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