Halley’s Comet (Part I): Ground-based Observations

  • Richard M. West
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUH, volume 8)


Since the recovery in October 1982, an extensive, international programme to observe Comet Halley with ground-based instruments has been coordinated by the International Halley Watch (IHW), and a comprehensive archive is now in the final phases of preparation. The observations were carried out at more than 150 observatories and with all available methods. A special effort was made to support the space missions during the comet encounters in early March 1986. Whereas the spacecraft provided detailed in-situ measurements over a short time interval, ground-based observers have so far followed the development of the comet over a period of nearly six years, and a number of spectacular events near the nucleus and in the tail have been documented in great detail. These observations still continue. This article gives an overview of the most important results obtained from the ground and also mentions the prospects for further observations with large telescopes during the next years.


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