The Realities of Policy Implementation and the Conduct of Research

  • Roger P. Main
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Central research policy and project planners in the COMECON countries encounter a range of serious problems affecting the implementation of policies and the conduct of projects selected to receive attention. The major problem areas are:
  • bureaucratic misconceptions of the value of proposed and planned projects, resulting in proliferation of waste and disillusionment among working scientists;

  • bureaucracy-induced delays and obstructions;

  • political interference at all levels;

  • inadequate or non-existent supplier industry infrastructures and supporting service operations;

  • lack of the major research facilities critical to certain research fields (e.g., microelectronics, computer sciences, particle physics, biotechnology, transport engineering, new energy sources);

  • lack of hard currencies for purchasing necessary foreign-made research equipment;

  • isolation of both scientists and planners from the mainstreams and thrusts of truly advanced research work; this is particularly true for the applied sciences and engineering fields.


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