Iwao Tabushi (1933–1987)

  • H. Taube
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Inclusion Science book series (AIS, volume 6)


My only close association with Iwao Tabushi being limited to a period of about two weeks in Kyoto when I, together with my wife, visited Kyoto on his invitation, I cannot lay claim to a long standing personal intimacy with him. Nor for that matter can I claim to be expert over the wide range of chemical behavior which he explored in his research so diligently and productively. Still, even in the short time that I interacted with him, this altogether remarkable man impressed me so strongly by his qualities as a human being, and by the way that he addressed his professional interests that I feel moved to add my own testimony to that made by others in commemorating him.


Professional Interest Hydrolytic Enzymatic Process Benzoic Anhydride Dioxygen Activation Motional Freedom 
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