Dark Matter in Astronomy

  • D. Lynden-Bell
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A sceptical eye is cast on cosmic nucleogenesis but the best data withstands scepticism. Kuijken & Gilmore’s investigation shows that there is no disk dark matter in the solar neighbourhood.

Evidence for dark matter in the outer parts of galaxies is found both in extended rotation curves and in the relative motions of binary galaxies. The best evidence for dark matter remains the dynamics of the great clusters of galaxies, i.e. where galaxies are most common.

The lack of good evidence for dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies means that any deductions from them are most doubtful.

All methods of assessing Ω from mass to light ratios give zero dark matter content to voids. Since much of the universe is empty, Ω could be much greater than the optical assessment of 0.1 < Ω < 0.3. The IRAS high Ω is explained as a biassing of IRAS galaxies away from high density regions.


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