Thermodynamic and Structural Evidence for the Presence of Defect Clusters in Some Non-Stoichiometric Oxides

  • O. Toft Sørensen
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 276)


Based on thermodynamic data for CeO2-x it is first shown that the non-stoichiometric phase range for this oxide can be devided into subphase regions bounded by intermediate phases with compositions following the general formula MnO2n-2. The defect structure of these phases is then derived using a systematic packing of the basic tetrahedral defect \({\left[ {V_o^{ \bullet \bullet } \cdot 2C{{e'}_{Ce}}} \right]^X}\) and it is shown that lattice parameters determined by X-ray diffraction are well reproduced by the defect structures obtained in this way. Furthermore evidence from statistical thermodynamic calculations and from structural studies (X-ray and neutron scattering) for the existence of these tetrahedral defects in non-stoichiometric fluorite oxides are presented.


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  • O. Toft Sørensen
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  1. 1.Risø National LaboratoryDenmark

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