• J. Kovalevsky
  • Ivan I. Mueller
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The Earth, its environment and the celestial bodies in the Universe are not static: they move, rotate and undergo deformations. The study of their kinematics and the dynamics that are behind is one of the major tasks of geodesy, geophysics and astronomy. Without trying to be exhaustive, let us mention some of the dynamical phenomena that currently concern these sciences:
  • Lithospheric plate motions

  • Earth and oceanic tides

  • Loading effects on the Earth’s crust

  • Polar motion

  • Earth’s rotation

  • Dynamical behaviour of the Earth-Moon system

  • Motion of planets and satellites

  • Rotation of planets and satellites

  • Motions of stars in the Galaxy

  • Dynamics of star clusters

  • Evolution of star association and open clusters

  • Differential rotation of the Galaxy

  • Motion in clusters of galaxies

  • Etc…


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