GRANDE: An Experiment to Search for Cosmic Gamma Rays and Cosmic Neutrinos

  • Todd Haines
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 270)


The GRANDE experiment is a “next-generation” detector capable of making significant contributions to the fields of neutrino and γ-ray astrophysics as well as performing important “conventional” high-energy physics investigations. The detector, which covers an area of 250 m x 250 m, will have excellent coverage for potential sources of v emission in the southern hemisphere and of VHE and UHE sources in the northern hemisphere. For VHE and UHE showers, the low threshold (10 TeV) and complete coverage for all three shower components (electromagnetic, muonic, and hadronic), are unique. Excellent angular resolution, ≤ 1° for v’s and ≤ 0.3° for γ -rays, large acceptance, good energy resolution, and wide energy sensitivity will permit detailed studies of the observed signals enabling a quantitative confrontation with theoretical predictions. The detector and its capabilities will be described.


Neutrino Interaction Neutrino Telescope Muon Flux High Energy Neutrino Cosmic Neutrino 
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