Anesthetic Management of the Patient with Reactive Airways

  • Steven J. Allen
Part of the Developments in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesiology book series (DCCA, volume 19)


The American Thoracic Society has defined asthma as “a syndrome characterized by increased responsiveness of the tracheobronchial tree to a variety of stimuli.” Asthma currently affects 5% of the population. Perioperative bronchospasm may develop into a significant problem for the anesthesiologist. More intraoperative deaths have been noted to occur in asthmatic patients compared to nonasthmatics. Respiratory complications occur more frequently in asthmatic patients. Contemporary optimal management of patients with asthma requires knowledge of 1) the pathophysiology, 2) the triggering or bronehodilating effect of anesthetic agents and maneuvers, as well as 3) the various bronchodilator drugs.


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