An Analysis of Historical Events During Transshipment of Dangerous Goods in Harbours

  • Ing. L. J. B. Koehorst
Conference paper


From time to time people are startled by major disasters where hazardous materials are involved. This often induces detailed accident investigations, in order to discover the cause of the accident, and by this the ways to prevent repetition of such an accident. In this respect, analysis of historical data of accidents is a very important tool. Not only data about major accidents is useful for such an analysis but also data on accidents with minor consequences can be used. The reason is that the mechanism for major accidents as well as for minor accidents is for a great deal the same.


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  • Ing. L. J. B. Koehorst
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  1. 1.Division of Technology for Society Department of Industrial SafetyNetherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNOApeldoornThe Netherlands

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