Sea-Level Changes in the Netherlands During the Last 6500 Years: Basal Peat vs. Coastal Barrier Data

  • Orson van de Plassche
  • Thomas B. Roep
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 256)


This paper compares a recently published Mean Sea Level (MSL) curve, derived from paleo-tide evidence recorded in coastal barrier deposits in the western Netherlands, with the latest of three MSL curves published since 1961, all based on indicators that originated at various distances from the contemporaneous open sea or coastline, predominantly basal organic deposits. The two MSL curves compare very well. To establish whether this good agreement is real or apparent, the accuracy of the two curves is discussed. An error band for the upper limit of MSL is derived from available basal peat data, while a lower limit is obtained from various other kinds of back barrier sea-level evidence. Although no error envelope is established for the coastal barrier MSL curve, it can be concluded that the agreement between both MSL curves is, for the most part, likely to be real.


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  • Orson van de Plassche
    • 1
  • Thomas B. Roep
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  1. 1.Institute for Earth SciencesFree UniversityAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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