Cells of Serous Fluids

  • Arthur I. Spriggs
  • Michael M. Boddington
Part of the Current Histopathology book series (CUHI, volume 14)


The normal mesothelial lining consists of a single layer of flattened cells, with a cytoplasm only a few microns thick149,263. The cells can be obtained in this form by touching the serous lining with the flat surface of a glass slide during laparotomy or thoracotomy. They are also commonly seen in smears of serous fluid obtained in the operating theatre, having been detached by surgical trauma before or while the fluid is transferred to its container (Plate 1a). Some of the cells may be bi- or multinucleate, and if the cell sheet is rolled up or distorted in making the smear it may be a source of confusion to an inexperienced observer.


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