Portrait of Herman Doomer (companian-piece to no. A 141)

New York, N.Y., The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Acc. No. 29.100.1 Bequest of Mrs H.O. Havemeyer, 1929. The H.O. Havemeyer Collection
  • J. Bruyn
  • B. Haak
  • S. H. Levie
  • P. J. J. Van Thiel
  • E. Van De Wetering
Part of the Stichting Foundation Rembrandt Research Project book series (RRSE, volume 3)


A well preserved and authentic work, reliably signed and dated 1640.


Annual Ring Paint Surface Cast Shadow Dark Part Dark Paint 
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© Stichting Foundation Rembrandt Research Project 1989

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  • J. Bruyn
  • B. Haak
  • S. H. Levie
  • P. J. J. Van Thiel
  • E. Van De Wetering

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