Thermo-Mechanical Performances of Polyethylene Fibres/Polyethylene Matrix Composites

  • C. Marais


The present investigation is concerned with polyethylene films/ polyethylene fibres (PE/PE) composites. After a short description of the prepreg and laminates manufacturing process and a recalling of the mechanical properties of the fibres and the polymer matrix, the mechanical performances of unidirectional PE/PE laminates (as moulded or after irradition by electron beams) are presented. Some important physical properties as the cristallinity and the electromagnetic properties in radar frequency ranges are also discussed. The results are compared to those of glass or aramid-reinforced epoxy resins, demonstrating that PE/PE composites can be considered as a category of material which could be turned to the best account in the near future.


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  • C. Marais
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  1. 1.ONERAChatillonFrance

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