Magnetized Polymer Solution Plow in Porous Media

  • Sayavvur I. Bakhtiyarov


A theoretical analysis indicates that any model for the flow of magnetized polymer solutions in porous media must include expansion and contraction regions,the changes in the rheological behavior of the fluid and the intensity of magnetization of fluid. The interacting effects of polymer properties and intensity of magnetization on flow performance are considered.Experiments were conducted with the polyacrylamides with molecular weights ranging from 3000000 to over 25000000.The porous matrix consisted of a flow cell packed with glass balls.The polymer solutions were characterized by shear and normal stress measurements.Under certain conditions high flow resistance was observed.An analysis indicates that this phenomenon is a function of flow velocity,molecular weight of polymer and magnetic was found that there is an optimum magnetic induction which yields a maximum value of the flow resistance for the polyaerilamide solutions


Porous Medium Polymer Solution Rheological Behavior Flow Cell Flow Performance 
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  • Sayavvur I. Bakhtiyarov
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  1. 1.Department of Theoretical MechanicsAzerbaijan Inst, of Oil and ChemAustralia

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